1. There shall be two (2) types of membership.
Ordinary Member
Associate Member
2. A Malaysian registered firm which is approved as a Customs agent under Section 90(1) of the Customs Act of 1967 by the Customs authority and carrying on business operation within the State of Johor shall be admitted as an ordinary member.
3. A Malaysian registered firm or an organizsation supporting the aims and objectives of the Association shall be admitted as an associate member.

1. Every application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two existing members and shall be forwarded to the Secretary, who shall at the first convenient opportunity submit it to the Committee for approval.
2. All application shall be accompanied by entrance fees and annual subscriptions.
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1. The entrance fee and annual subscription shall be such as shall be decided at the annual General Meeting from time to time.
2. Until otherwise decided, the entrance fee and annual subscription shall be as follows:
Ordinary Member Associate Member
Entrance Fee RM 1,000.00 RM 1,000.00
Annual Subscription RM 600.00 RM 600.00
3. The entrance fee shall be payable in full on admission.
4. The annual subscription shall be payable in advance on the first day of January of the year but shall not be later than 31st March of the year.
5. A firm or organisation applying for membership shall pay the annual subscription in full irrespective of the time in the year he is admitted.
6. The Committee shall have power to waive the provision of Section (5) as aforesaid for a firm who applies for membership after 30th of October of the year and to treat such a member as though he has been admitted in the following year.
7. In such event, such a member shall not have the right and privilege of the Association until he is officially admitted.

1. The Committee shall, by a resolution of a two-thirds majority of the Committee siting at full members at a meeting convened to deliberate the collection, impose on members special levies for specific purpose of mutual interest to all members.
2. The provision of Rule 14 as containted herein shall also govern the collection of such levies.

1. A member may resign from the Association by giving fourteen (14) days notice to the Secretary.
2. Such member shall forfeit all right and privileges of the Association from the date of the receipt of such notice.

1. A member whose subscription and all debts to the Association are in arrears for more than one year shall receive a written notification signed by or on behalf the Secretary to suspend his membership.
2. Such a member shall forfeit all right and privileges of the Association forthwith.
3. Such a member shall be re-instated if he settles all dues within thirty (30) days from the date of the receipt of the suspension notice from the Secretary.
4. Such a member, on reinstatement, shall have his rights and privileges of the Association restored forthwith.
5. In the event that such a member fails to response to the provision of Section (3) as aforesaid, his membership shall be struck off from the Register.

1. A member who fails to comply with the rules of the Association, or the resolutions of the Committee and general meetings, or has acted in such a manner as to bring disrepute upon the Association may be expelled or suspended for a period of time as the Committee deems fit.
2. Before the Committee initiates such action, such a member shall be informed of the grounds for such expulsion or suspension in writing and given an opportunity to explain and absolve himself in person.
3. Such expulsion or suspension shall be enforced unless otherwise reversed by a General Meeting upon appeal by such member.

1. A member whose membership has been struck of from the Register because of resignation, disqualification, or expulsion shall continue liable for the subscription and all debts due to the Association.
2. The Association reserves the right to take legal action against such member in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law to recover such dues.

1. An ordinary member is entitled to nominate one (1) Accredited representative to the Association.
2. Nomination and withdrawal of the accredited representative must be made in writing to the Scretary as and when it is deemed necessary and shall be effective from the date of the receipt of such notice if no date is stated therein.
3. An accredited representative who has resigned or even no longer holds office in his firm may still continue to represent the Association until the next election of the Association in so far as the Committee does not object to it.
4. An ordinary member can send an alternative accredited representative to represent his accredited representative at the Association but such an alternative accredited representative must be dully corresponded to the Association in writing prior to such meeting where a representative is deemed necessary.
5. An alternative accredited representative shall have full rights of an accredited representative whom he represents up to the level of an ordinary committee member.