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Persatuan Penghantar Fret Johor or better known as the Johor Freight Forwarders Association (JOFFA) was established in 1978 (formally known as Persatuan Ejen-Ejen Kastam Dan Pengangkutan or Customs Forwarding and Transport Agents Association Johor Bahru till 1996).

JOFFA. under the leadership of our demised President, Mr.Toon Teng Fatt (passed away on 24 September 2014) moved into our own 3-storey building in 2000. With this move, we are poised to better serve the interests of our members, especially in providing for, the training needs of our members.

With globalization and growing borderless commerce, JOFFA is dedicated to move its members towards achieving our goals and aspirations.

Our 240 over members consist of key players in the logistic industry and we are well represented in discussion panels with various Government Agencies and NGOs.

A Founding member of the Federation Of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF).


Our aims and objectives

To promote and protect the common interest of members.

To exchange and disseminate information to all members.

To promote and strengthen the relations between members, government authorities, statutory bodies and other trade organisations.

To support and enhance the status of members.

To promote welfare, educational, sports and recreational activities among members.

To gradually evolve a code of conduct among members, the compliance and observance of which will improve the overall quality and efficiency of their service and enhance their reputation and public image.

To promote greater co-operation, understanding and communication among members.

To provide a forum for discussion of all matters affecting the interest of members.